Tango Musicality

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Tango lyrics

  • Hermano Tango - an Argentinean site with over 11,000 Tango lyrics

tango music styles

Most Tangos orchestrated before 1930 lack musical phrases and may sound boring to most dancers. On the opposite spectrum, Tangos orchetrated after 1950 tend to be loud, flashy, heavily orchestrational, sugary and overornated suitable for Tango shows, but not at all for social Tango dancing, with noteworthy exceptions such as the music from Alfredo Attadía, Ángel Condercuri and very few others.

Tango music insights

  • Carlos Di Sarli: "No Está" 1942 with Alberto Podestá - by Carlos Estigarribia Video 10 min
  • Miguel Caló: "Que Te Importa Que Te Llore" 1942 with Raúl Berón- by Carlos Estigarribia Video (12 min)
  • Tango musical elements - by Ignacio Varchausky - Video 10 min

Tango orchestras overview

Alfredo Gobbi

  • "The Music of Alfredo Gobbi" by Ignacio Varchausky - Video 1h50min

Carlos Di Sarli

Juan D'Arienzo:

Purchasing your Tango music collection


Building a Collection of Argentine Tango Music for Social Dancing

Valuable advise that will help you take informed decisions when buying Argentine music for social dancing.

Site: www.tejastango.com/tango_music_collection.html


Probably the most special place for tango music in the world.

TANGO-DJ.AT is a non-profit association organizing tango events, maintaining a tango music archive, a record transfer studio and a tango database of 70.000+ records. You may become a TANGO-DJ.AT member by signing up to one of TANGO-DJ.AT memberships. By doing so you become part of a small group of people being dedicated to tango and support our work helping us to provide more information and tango music to the tango community.

Site: www.tango-dj.at

Shop: https://tango-dj.at/shop/

Radio Tango High Res

High res Tango music on demand

RADIO TANGO HIGH RES is a major musical project from an Italian Tango DJ that offers danceable Tango music from a variety of periods on its YouTube channel and radio at an acceptable sound resolution. RADIO TANGO HIGH RES also produces Hi Res music reproductions on demand. The quality of his remastering work is superb and his music selections entice Tango dancers to explore endless possibilities.

Site: www.tango-hi-res.it

YouTube Channel: Playlists

See also: How to properly organize your tango music collection by Gregory Diaz - full article

youtube channels

When you listen to a low quality sound your experience with the Tango music is not nearly engaging.

These are a some YouTube channels where you can find someTango music of reasonable quality remastered or compiled by Tango DJs and Tango aficionados worldwide.

Milonguero Ezequiel - Social Tango Master Classes with "Milonguero Ezequiel"

Damián Boggio (argentinatangodj) - Tango DJ

Dicri Tango DJ - Tango DJ

El Colecionista

Paul Bottomer - Tango aficionado

Pi J. Sini - Tango DJ

Radio Tango High Res - Tango DJ

Tango DJ Nemanja - Tango DJ