social tango DANCE


Tango Style

What you usually see on stage and street dance exhibitions is not social Tango. Those are "show tango", a pretentious form of Tango to show off, make money and elicit ovations. Social tango is a different type of tango that anyone can dance.

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Tango Music

There is an extraordinary kind of Tango music that keeps bringing people together to dance in close embrace and connect with other human beings in a meaninful way, and that has not changed from almost 100 years.

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Tango Steps

Pletora of Tango dance steps and combinations exist so you can always explore something new, but you only need an elegant Tango walk to create a heart-powered, meaningful and genuine social Tango dancing.

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Take your social Tango dancing experience to another level of sensibility. One that is meaningful to you and makes a difference in the world.