Social Tango StyleS

My Approach to Social Tango Dance

There is no single "correct" way to interpret a dance that was danced some 100 years ago and my interpretation and insights are certainly not the only way to do it. I have chosen as my basis the fundamental elements of Argentine Tango dance in a social context that was appealing in and around the 1940s with a few creative concessions. My touchstone is to improve quality of life and elevate peace in the world through a social Tango dancing that anyone can actually dance.

- Milonguero "EX"

social tango dance around the world

Wishing "break a leg" to a social Tango dancer is like serving hamburger to a vegan. Watch these 3 videos of real people dancing real Tango around the world to understand why.

Sample #1

Social Tango dance on a boat in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sample #2

Social Tango dance in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)

Sample #3

Social Tango dance in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sample #4

Social Tango dance in Kiev, Ukraine

Sample #5

20 Milongas, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The following are some of the ways you can dance whatever you want and call it "Tango". It is not traditional social Tango dancing by any measure, but for many people it is enough of a compromise to just have a good time.


NOT SOCIAL TANGO - Good to burn calories only.

Social Tango Competition

NOT SOCIAL TANGO - No matter how you label it, social tango is never meant to show off or compete.

Show Tango

NOT SOCIAL TANGO - Cheap entertainment is good sometimes.


NOT SOCIAL TANGO - in any traditional milonga in the world.


NOT SOCIAL TANGO - This is a classic example of cheap entertainment. There is no such a thing as a Tango police, though you can dance anything and call it even tango.

the "American Tango"

NOT SOCIAL TANGO - Even if you can afford the dress. Nice American invention though.

THE american way

NOT SOCIAL TANGO - A blockbuster movie does not constitute a classic social tango.


NOT SOCIAL TANGO - Fun to watch and work out if you are into that kind of thing.

KNOW WHEN you are NOT dancing social tango

  • Safety: if your Tango becomes a hazzard for other dancers to navigate a shared dance floor, then it is not social Tango.

  • Close Embrace: If you can fit another person between you and the person you are dancing with during the tango, then it is not social Tango.

  • Showmanship: If your Tango is primarily to show off your artistic movements to a real or imaginary audience, then it is not social Tango.

  • Applause: If you can see yourself dancing for the Cirque Du Soleil, or if your Tango entices ovations from other people, dancers or non-dancers, everywhere you go, then it is not social Tango.

  • Improvisation: If you cannot improvise a Tango dance, then it is not social Tango.

  • Partnership: If you can only dance Tango with one person, then it is not social tango.

  • Connection: if you cannot connect with the music, the person you are dancing with and other dancers on the dance floor, then it is not social Tango.

  • Talking: if you talk on the dance floor while others are preparing or already dancing, then it is not social Tango.

  • Inclusiveness: if not everyone can dance the Tango style you chose for yourself, than it is not social Tango.

  • Honesty: if your Tango does not serve you to share true feelings and emotions with other human beings, then it is not social tango.

  • Real: if your Tango cannot be part of anyone´s lives in a regular basis, then it is not social Tango.

  • Value: If your Tango does not improve your quality of life and that of other people or otherwise does not bring value to a large number of people in the world, then it is not social Tango.

- Milonguero "EX"



Take your social Tango dancing experience to another level of sensibility. One that is meaningful to you and makes a difference in the world.