SOCIAL tango

Master Class



I help you take your social Tango dancing experience to another level of sensibility. One that is meaningful to you and make a difference in the world.


I believe social Tango dancing is sensitive to the "observer effect" that is, if you have a real or imaginary audience in mind that inevitably changes the perception and the impact of your dance style, from a social Tango to a performance Tango and instead of generating connections you might be creating distractions. My goal is to help you eliminate the observer effect and explore more meaningful interpretations of social Tango dancing


You will dance a randomly chosen Tango in front of a group of people - dancers and non-dancers - just like you do in the milongas - and receive instant insights from "Milonguero Ezequiel".


Mission: I help social Tango dancers of all levels to:

    • Practice improvisations with heart-powered intentions
    • Develop creative movements congruent with genuine feelings and emotions
    • Practice alternative resolutions to generic configurations
    • Develop natural interpretations of music phrasing and other music elements
    • Improve cadencia
    • Improve surefootedness and dance floor navigations
    • Develop supple poise and natural grace
    • Energize your Tango Walk.

Vision: Connect, inspire and elevate quality of life and peace in the world through social Tango dancing.

Who can sign-up: Social Tango dancers of all levels.

Sign up as a member of the audience: If you don't have someone to dance with or just want to watch, sign up as a member of the audience to observe the class.

Area: This Master Class is available in selected countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

By invitation only: This Master Class is not open to the public. Only invited dancers and non-dancers can attend the classes.

Photo and video: no pictures or video recording are allowed in the Master Class. If you wish to be videotaped consider participating in my video production instead, a unique initiative aiming to sharing real Tango with real people worldwide. Contact me for more information.

Other restrictions: no smoking in or near the premises where the Master Class will take place.

Refund policy: there is no refund for any reason whatsoever.

Indemnification of liability: You hereby release, acquit and discharge "Milonguero Ezequiel" (myself) from any liability arising from any circumstance.


Set off to this exploratory journey into social Tango dance possibilities and "May the Force be With You..."

  • Can I choose the Tango I want to dance? - Actually, you can't. Social Tango is based on movement improv and music selection. For this reason you will be dancing to a randomly selected Tango - just like in the milongas.
  • Can I dance to Vals Porteña during the Master Class? - We only practice interpretations of salón-inspired social Tango dance mostly from the Golden Age. No milonga, vals, chacarera, cayengue or any other alternative Tango style, musical gender or folk dances are examined in this Master Class.
  • Do I need to dance with someone else other than my partner? - During registration you have the option to indicate if you are available to dance with other dancers in the Master Class. If someone needs a partner during the class we will ask only those who opted in to take the floor.
  • Can I attend the Master Class without a dance partner? - Yes, you can. During the registration just make sure to indicate if you need a dance partner or whether you are attending the Master Class as a member of the audience only.


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