These are my favorite tango orchestas and playlist for social tango.

  "Milonguero EZEQUIEL"

Adolfo Carabelli

Singers: AG - Alberto Gómez - C Charlo, CL Carlos Lafuente, MS Mercedes Simone. Musicians: EV Elvino Vardaro (Violin).

Adolfo Carabelli recordings include approximately 322 Tangos.

Alfredo Attadía

Co-arranged with Ángel D'Agostino: Tres Esquinas (1941), Hay Que Vivirla Compadre (1944). Singers: AM Armando Moreno, EV Enzo Valentino, JB Jorge Beiró.

Alfredo Atttadía "el bandoneón de oro" recordings include approximately 42 Tangos. His main characteristic was his danceable phrasing with a great interpretive force.

Alfredo De Angelis

Singers: CD Carlos Dante, FM Francisco Mancini,  JCG Juan Carlos Godoy, JM Julio Martel,  LM Lalo Martel, OR Oscar Larroca.

Alfredo De Angelis recordings include approximately 1328 Tangos. 

Alfredo Gobbi

Singers: AD Ángel Diaz, AR Alfredo Del Rio, JM Jorge Maciel, TL Tito Landó.

Alfredo Gobbi "El  violín romántico del Tango" recordings include approximately 429 Tangos. * Creator. ** talks about Moscow and has some similar phrases to Tigre Viejo. Beyond basics: "Estilos Fundamentales de Tango" Alfredo Gobbi by Ignacio Varchausky Video (1h47min).

Ángel D'Agostino

Singers: AV Ángel Vargas, JC Julián Centeya. * co-arranger Afredo Attadía.

Angel D'Agostino recordings include approximately 1068 Tangos.

Ángel Dominguez

Singers: RC Roberto Chanel. * Orquesta Roberto Chanel managed by Ángel Dominguez.

Ángel Dominguez, recordings include approximately 18 Tangos.

Aníbal Troilo

Singesr: AM Alberto Marino , FF Francisco Florentino.

Aníbal Troilo recordings include approximately 4250 Tangos.

Carlos Di Sarli

Singers: AP Alberto Podestá, CA Carlos Acuña, EF Ernesto Famá, HC Horario Casares, JD Jorge Durán,  RF Roberto Florio, RR Roberto Rufino. 

Carlos Di Sarli recordings include approximately 2558 Tangos. 

Ciriaco Ortiz

Ciriaco Ortiz recordings include approximately 211 Tangos.

Domingo Federico

Singers; AM Armando Moreno, CV Carlos Vidal.

Domingo Federico recordings include approximately 372 Tangos.

Donato Racciatti

Singers; OD Olga Delgrossi, RM Rita Marín, VR Victor Ruiz. 

Donato Racciatti recordings include approximately 211 Tangos.

Edgardo Donato

Singers: AG Alberto Gómez, FG Félix Gutierrez, HL Horacio Lagos, LT Lita Morales, RG Romeo Gavioli.

Edgardo Donato recordings include approximately 1315 Tangos.

Enrique Rodríguez

Singers: AM Armando Moreno. OG Oscar Galán

Enrique Rodríguez recordings include approximately 470 Tangos.

Francisco Canaro

Singers: AF Ada Falcón, C Charlo, EA Eduardo Adrián,  EF Ernesto Famá, GR Guillermo Rico,  MM Mirna Moraes, QDP Quinteto Don Pancho,  RM Roberto Maida.

Francisco Canaro recordings include approximately 5916 Tangos, althugh very little of them are easily danceable.

Francisco Lomuto

Singer:  JO Jorge Omar.

Francisco Lomuto recordings include approximately 1982 Tangos.

José García

Singer:  AR Alfredo Rojas.

José García recordings include approximately 133 Tangos.

Juan D'Arienzo

Singers: AE Alberto Echagüe, CC Carlos Casales, EC Enrique Carbel, HM Héctor Mauré, JCL Juan Carlos Lamas, JV Jorge Valdez

Juan D'Arienzo "El rey del compás" recordings include approximately 4692 Tangos.

Julio De Caro

AV Agustín Volpe, HF Héctor Farrel, LD Luis Díaz,  PL Pedro Lauga. 

Julio De Caro recordings include approximately 2038 Tangos but very few are danceable.

Lucio Demare

HA Héctor Alvarado, HQ Horacio Quintana, JCM Juan Carlos Miranda, RB Raúl Berón.

Lucio Demare recordings include approximately 572 Tangos.

Luis petrucelli

EV Ervino Vardaro (violinist)

Luis Petrucelli recordings include approximately 264 Tangos.

Miguel Caló

Singers: AP Alberto Podestá, JO Jorge Ortiz, RB Raúl Berón, RI Raúl Iriarte, RR Roberto Rufino.

Miguel Caló recordings include approximately 1351 Tangos.

Osmar Maderna

Singers: PD Pedro Dátila, MP Mário Pomar

Osmar Maderna "el Chopin del tango" recordings include approximately 246 Tangos.

Osvaldo Fresedo

Singers: RR Roberto Ray, RZ Ricardo Ruiz.

Osvaldo Fresedo recordings include approximately 3203 Tangos.

Osvaldo Pugliese

Singers: AB Alfredo Belusi, AC Abel Córdoba, AM Alberto Morán, JM Jorge Maciel, RC Roberto Chanel.

Osvaldo Pugliese recordings include approximately 2889 Tangos.

Pedro Laurenz

Singers: AP Alberto Podestá, JCC Juan Carlos Casas, JL Jorge Linares, MP Martín Podestá.

Pedro Laurenz recordings include approximately 525 Tangos.

Ricardo Malerba

Singers: OM Orlando Medina.

Ricardo Malerba recordings include approximately 124 Tangos.

Ricardo Tanturi

Singers: AC Alberto Castillo, EC Enrique Campos.

Ricardo Tanturi recordings include approximately 1110 Tangos.

Tanturi Channel - Movie clip "Ninguna" (Troilo & Alberto Castillo)

Roberto Firpo

Singers: AD Alberto Diale, CV Carlos A. Varela

Roberto Firpo recordings include approximately 2306 Tangos. He was one of the greatest musicians of Tango, of complete musical erudition, nevertheless maintained his work within the purest traditional school, hence we can find very few danceable tangos in his repertory. 

 Roberto Firpo biography (video 15min)

Rodolfo Biagi

Singers: AF Andrés Falgás, JO Jorge Ortiz, TI Teófilo Ibáñez,

Rodolfo Biagi recordings include approximately 928 Tangos.

Típica Brunswick

Singers: LD Luís Diaz, TI Téfilo Ibáñez.

Típica Brunswick recordings include approximately 187 Tangos (40 publications).

Típica Víctor

Singers: AG Alberto Gómez, EV Elvino Vardaro (violinist), CF Carlos Lafuente, DD Delson Díaz, Ortega Del Cerro.

Típica Víctor recordings include approximately 1651 Tangos.

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Argubly the best Tango music for social dancing was codified around the '30s and '40s, a period that had also lived the "Golden Age" of Tango in Argentina (1935-1955) starting with the exploding beat of Juan D'Arienzo in 1930 and the incorporation of singers on the bands. It was an era of increased popularity of Tango with both dancers and the listening public. By the mid to late 1940s, tango was at its height. There were 50 or so orchestras and countless ensembles playing around the city of Buenos Aires alone at salons, cafés, cabarets, confiterías and social and sports clubs.