Improve your quality of life

Social Tango dancing is a revelatory experience that not only teaches you about human connection and creative movements but also shapes a full panoply of our results in life. 

Dancing social Tango has been linked to positive feelings and emotions such as joy, interest, contentement, love and the like. Inevitably this process affects almost everything we feel, think and do to ourselves and in relation to others. 


There is nothing to applause or praise in social Tango, because this is not "Tango for money", it is "Tango for meaningful connections". 

If you are curious to discover how social Tango dancing can improve your quality of life, at any stage of your life, consider attending my Master Classes 


Aneta Key lives a double life. Outside of her corporate and familial responsibilities, her passion is the Argentinian tango. It’s a dance that promotes a radical openness (and endorphins!) that has led her to follow it across the globe. 

social tango teaches trust

When non-dancer Shelley Delayne accidentally learned the tango, she discovered a new approach to herself, her life and to leadership. 

Social Tango creates deep human connections

Sarah Jacob explains how she came to realize that the successes on her professional carreer came to a cost and made her feel, as she puts it, as though her "soul vacated her body" and how social Tango helped her find meaningful connections through the dance and restored her joy for life.

Social Tango improves leadership skills

Sue Cox explains what Tango can teach us about leadership and the power of collaboration to solve big and naughty problems of our time.

Social Tango boosts self-esteem

Gina Cloud tells us how social Tango helped her find self-love and improve self-esteem. 

Social Tango allows us to share emotions

Florencia Labiano and Herman Rodriguez tell us how the mind and soul cohexist in Argentine Tango to create a unique mix of emotions. (Italian)

Social Tango is a therapeutic hobby 

Liliana Pfarherr explains how she uses social Tango as a therapeutic art in her work as healthcare provider. (Spanish)

Social Tango makes your life journey a lot better

Jose Basso opens our eyes to the lives we live and the ones that live inside of us and explains how Tango helped him realize the simple notion that one needs to work for a living and not live for working (Spanish)