If you were invited for Tango classes with "Milonguero EZEQUIEL", here are some guidelines to get you started in your journey towards  a lifetime of Tango joy, self-discovery and sharing. 

TANGO MUSIC - You will receive a set of MP3 music files with a selection of Tangos that will be used during the classes. They are a gift from your instructor to iniciate Your tango music collection. 

TANGO LESSONS - You will receive instructions on Tango dance only.

LANGUAGE - Classes are conducted in English with spanish terminology where applicable.

DURATION - Each private class lasts 1 hour. It starts and finishes on time. 

ABSENCE - If you cannot make to the class please let your Tango instructior know in advance. He will do the same. 

DANCE SPACE - You need to provide a space conducive to the practice of Tango with the appropriate floor, sound system and ambiance. 

SQUARE FOOTAGE - Make sure your dance space is large enough to dance Tango. Walk from one wall to the opposite wall of the room and count how many steps you can take. IdeallY you should take at least 10 steps from wall to wall in length and width. Less than half of that will make your dance experiene more challenging. 

FLOOR - Hardwood floors are better to dance than tiles. Keep it clean and free of clutter. 

SOUND SYSTEM - You need a sound system to play the Tango music with the MP3 files you will receive from your Tango instructor. Ideally the entire room should be filled with the music.

LIGHTING - Your dance space needs to have lighting that can be dimmed down. Bright lighting is not ideal to dance Tango. Indirect light works well.  

QUIET- Make sure there is no distractions interferring in your dance space such as a radio or TV on, people walking in the room or pets around. 

PRIVATE - Tango classes are private, there sould be no visitors or an audience in your dance space during the class.

CLOTHES - Simple elegant clothes are key for the perfect outfit to dance social Tango. No bright colors, bold patterns and shiny fabrics will make you dance better. Remember how people used to dress in the 1940's. The music you will be dancing to is from those years and you may consider tone down modern fashion trends to reflect the spirit of the Golden Age of Tango.

ACCESSORIES - Less is more. Make sure to avoid long earings and bulky jewelry, they might interfer with your Tango. 

FOOTWEAR - Tango shoes are a matter of safety. Any closed shoes with support on the heel that can pivot and turn easily without twisting the ankle will do. You may consider investing in a ballroom or Tango shoe later on and carry it with you to the milongas (Tango parties) for greater surefootness and delight on the dance floor.

UBER TRANSPORTATION - Your classes are free but there are some costs associated with the logistics. You need to pay your Tango instructor for Uber travel to and from your dance space. A deposit will be charged in advance to cover an average of 10 classes. If you fail to attend these classes or they are cancelled by the by you or the instrutor for any reason, the Uber fee will not be refunded. You need to replenish the Uber fee each time the initial fee is about to deplete (about 2 round trips left).

HORS D'OEUVRE - Your Tango instructor likes wine, champagne, cheese, crackers, olives, antipasto and other delicious food and drink, preferably vegetarian or vegan. It would be nice to host him with something to celebrate your Tango moment and simulate the ambience of a true milonga (Tango party) making your tango experience even more enjoyble. Please have at least water available during the Tango classes. 

HISTORY OF TANGO - Before booking your first Tango class, search for the History of Tango in various sources on internet. Then make a summary in writting on double space with a minimum of 600 words and maximum of 800 words of the history of Tango. Make sure to quote your sources. Submit your essay by email to your Tango instructor.

BOOKING YOUR FIRST TANGO CLASS- After submiting your essay you can then book your first Tango Class with your instructor. in the first class you will not dance or perform any physical exercise. We'll cover the following topics: 

DISLAIMER - Dance at your own risk. Neither TangoTropical.com nor your instructor, Milonguero EX, or any other party are responsible for any health issues or otherwise arising from your Tango classes with Milonguero EX.