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"Argentine Tango", or simply "Tango", is an improvisational dance based on the four building blocks of walking, turning, stopping and embellishments. The dance is like a puzzle that gets put together differently each time. Women and men bring their own styles and embelishments to the dance which contribute significantly to the excitement and unpredictability of the experience. Even though dancers follow certain conventions, they never quite know how someone will construct a dance, add an embellishment or interpret the music." - Stephen and Susan Brown.


The few people that need to know who I am they already do. If you are interested in learning or improving the range of your social Tango dancing with my insights I will be glad to hear from you.

For a customized quote please email me at:


I am...

  • A world traveller
  • A man of integrity, well-educated and much loved growing up
  • Real. I live by hard earned conciousness and honesty
  • Very private as much as possible
  • Single, caucasian, 53 y.o.
  • 5"10', 125 lbs.
  • Vegetarian
  • Spiritual, but not religious
  • Social, but not shallow.
  • Free from social media consumptions
  • Very aware of the preciousness of my time
  • Edept at American English communication skills. I love to communicate inin French, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin as well, and if needed in Portuguese.

I like...

  • Travelling mostly to Eastern Europe.
  • Discovering the world on the "light side of the Force"
  • Dancing social Tango "Milonguero Ezequiel" style and sharing it with the world
  • Eating simple fresh healthy food as much as possible (mostly vegetables, fruits, beans, soy, grains, and nuts)
  • Drinking hot water all day
  • Using chopsticks to eat meals
  • Studying classical piano from Bach to Rachmaninnoff
  • Going to the opera and watching masterclasses on belcanto
  • Water sports
  • Being exposed to good manners, arts (dancing, painting, music), culture, architecture, philosophy, science, rhetoric, human behaviorial biology, social psychology, culinary, business and technology
  • Having honest conversations
  • Drinking champagne
  • Being around thoughtful people in search of a meaningful life
  • Inspiring soundscapes and ambiances

I wish...

  • To find a Tango partner for this last quarter of my life
  • To further my experience dancing social Tango and share my craft around the world
  • To become a better human being each passing day
  • To continue making ends meet
  • To be less lonely in the world
  • To help others find inner strength, hope and consolation and joy!
  • To continue exploring the world.
  • To finish my life with dignity and a sense of meaning and purpose, even if it comes on the very last day.
  • And however small, to make a difference in someone's life.

"There are two auspicious days in your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why"... - Mark Twain

MY TANGO is exclusive

The Tango services I provide are paid activities and customized fees can be quoted based on your specific needs (Master Classes, Taxi Dancer, Private Classes, Dance Presentations, Social Tango Showcase). My Tango is not free, and it is not cheap. Most importantly, and wait for it... it is:



If you are just looking to share travelling expenses with someone or getting a free dance partner or a friend to accompany you to a Tango venue, these services are not for you. You may have a day job or even be retired or otherwise have a personal income. I, on the other hand, do not have any of that. I invest in Tango as a business and depend on it to make a living.



I do give FREE classes for underprivileged individuals who genuinely wish to learn or improve their social Tango dance but cannot afford paying (been there, done that), I set my goals and standards not only as a dancer but also as a human being.

Do not hesitate to contact me If you want to have free training to improve your and other people's quality of life through social tango dance.