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Most Tangos orchestrated before 1930  lack musical phrases and may sound boring to most dancers. On the opposite spectrum, Tangos orchetrated after 1950 tend to be loud, flashy, heavily orchestrational, sugary and overornated suitable for Tango shows, but not at all for social Tango dancing, with noteworthy exceptions such as the music from Alfredo Attadía, Ángel Condercuri and very few others.



In general, the cadence is the rhythm or the speed with which we take the steps. This is common to all genres. The difference is that, in almost all the dances, the cadence is marked by the music: you dance to the same rhythm that the music is marked. In fact, not to do so would be wrong.

Tango, on the other hand, allows us to dance to the same rhythm as the music, or faster, up to twice the speed, or slower, half the speed. It even allows us to stop and be completely still. However, the most important thing about this is that you don't dance to the same rhythm throughout the song. A good dancer knows how to find his own cadence. He alternates different speeds depending on the music and even on what the lyrics say. It's about interpreting music in a personal way. It is for this reason that no dancer is the same as the other. Each one dances the theme in their own way.

The cadence is the result of feeling the music. To feel the tango. That is why it cannot be taught. It has no rules, it is learned on the dance floor, dancing and dancing. It is linked to the feeling of each dancer and, also, to the collaboration with their partner. If this collaboratoin is not achieved, it is difficult to establish a good cadence. In short, the tango consists of making the couple feel how one lives the music, and letting the steps take them to fly in this magical and unique dance.    GABRIELA SAAVEDRA, SerArgentino.com


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When you listen to a low quality sound your experience with the Tango music is not nearly engaging. These are a some YouTube channels where you can find someTango music of reasonable quality remastered or compiled by Tango DJs and Tango aficionados worldwide. 

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